Picfor1000 is a yearly themed writing challenge - you get a picture for inspiration and have to write a story of exactly 1000 words.

Amsterdam - Erin went to Amsterdam to see what there was to see, and somewhere along the way he met a boy named Joost and made a life for himself.
Come to the Gobi, They Said - John had this life in Texas. Rodney had that life in Glasgow. And then they met in the desert and had another life together. (fanfic for the movie Flight of the Phoenix)
The Floury Art - An introduction to Keeley O'Donnell and the bakery where he works, his temple to the art of flour and yeast.
We Can Live Beside the Ocean - John and Rodney in the post-apocalypse. (fanfic for the movie Flight of the Phoenix)
Food Is Not the Enemy - In Jordan's world, food is the enemy. And then she grows up and meets a boy who thinks differently.
Fall Is for Rugby (Which You Should Be Watching, John) - In which John mostly watches Rodney play rugby. (fanfic for the movie Flight of the Phoenix)

The Post-Apocalypse

The story goes that one day, in the space of twenty-four hours, half the world's population vanished. By the end of the week, fully 90% of the people on earth were gone, disappeared without rhyme or reason or pattern. This is the Rift. For many, it is the end of the world.

The Ghost of Jack Kerouac - There's a ghost standing in downtown Lowell.

Books of the Dead - Amy Jay set out west from Boston to find other survivors. In a place called Haven, she found a melancholy bookkeeping system to record the names of the missing and presumed dead.

Casper Grace - Before the Rift, Casper Grace was a musician with a family and a boyfriend. Now he's alone, but not exactly lonely. (written for my friend Alice for her birthday)

The Painter and the Curator

Micah Connolly moved to LA from the midwest to be a painter. Jason Parks is from Boston but now works for an LA gallery, finding and showing new artists. What starts out as a purely professional relationship eventually grows to be something more.

Opening Day - Jason goes home for opening day at Fenway Park, because he's just that kind of fanboy.

A Week in the Lives - A week in the life of Jason and Micah and their various friends.

Something to Unwrap - Micah shows up at Jason's apartment to be Jason's Christmas present.

Love for Red Sox Nation - Jason comes back from lunch to discover a book on his desk. Research and a phone call ensue.


The Wanderer - There once was a woman who loved a wanderer....

Children of the Rain - Twins Ry and Pix are troubled by rumors they don't understand, and ask the Historian to explain.

Untitled (Ficlet with Angry Swede) - A very short piece with some anger in it.

Christmas in Amsterdam - A sequel to Amsterdam. Joost and Erin exchange presents.

Julie - Years and years ago, so many years it's embarrassing to count them, I had a best friend named Julie.

More to come!