Untitled (Ficlet with Angry Swede)

It's a night like so many others, just you and your mates in some bar, drinking, laughing, shooting the shit, picking up girls, getting into fights. This guy in a Bajen jersey is giving you the stinkeye, maybe he's interested in the girl you're chatting up, maybe he wants to start shit, who knows. He gives you lip, you give it right back, you get all up in his face and the situation escalates and you're just fine with that, your friends got your back, and then this long arm comes out of nowhere, there's a hard fist at the end of it, and next thing you know you're on your ass and this tall lanky dude is standing over you, looking down at you, looking pissed off. You guess maybe he was sitting with Stinkeye, one of the guy's friends, you'd swear you never saw him until he laid you out on your ass. He's standing there with his hands clenched, looking ready to go ten rounds on your face, but the fight's kind of gone out of you now and you think your nose is bleeding as your friends haul you to your feet and drag you away.