Note: These stories deal with homoerotic themes and situations, and contain fairly explicit scenes. As such, they are not suitable for readers under eighteen.

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Books No Longer in Print

(Archived here are the complete stories)

Lunch Break - James spends his lunch break at his friend Kris' apartment and thinks about sex with someone who isn't there. (fourth place in the DIY contest at Torquere Press)

The Black Violin - The inspiration for this was a quote by Scott McCloud - "Like some Jazz legend, Paul just picked up a saxophone one night, stepped up to the mike, played a solo that brought down the house - and walked off the stage forever." The musician here is a violinist, and after one concert the narrator is irrevocably changed. (originally published in the anthology Monsters)

Someone Else, Somewhere Else - The singular life of Simon Kay, his need to run and his talent for redefinition. (originally published in the anthology Fresh Starts)

Champagne Before Noon - Take one nekkid boy, one clothed boy, one bathtub, and one ornately overdecorated Egyptian-revival bathroom, and add champagne and strawberries. (written with Julia Talbot and originally published in the anthology Naughty)

Not a Soldier - The story of a nice German boy (who's just been drafted) and his nice Jewish boyfriend (who hasn't) and what might be their last night together in Munich in 1938. This is possibly the story I am most proud of. (originally published in the anthology Men in Uniform)

A Great Miracle - Oskar and Conrad, from "Not a Soldier", return for a short Hanukah story written for the Torquere Press 2007 Advent Calendar.

"Twenty Years Until Yes" - In 1984, James asks his boyfriend Jack to marry him. Jack says no. Ten years later, James asks again, but it takes another decade after that before Jack is ready to say yes, and the city where they live is ready to legitimize it. (Read an excerpt!)