Bodice Ripper

By George Woodruff

Part One



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Tongues entwined in a passionate kiss, hand groped and clutched at bodies that gleamed with the sheen of sexual passion. Heat radiated from the writhing pair as they made their love. Little moans and groans of pleasure escaped here and there, like furtive fugitives from mouths too busy to do aught but bite, kiss and lick. Fingers buried themselves in hair, pulling gently or grasped at the flesh of the other as Eros held sway over the pair, nails grazed and scratched at backs and buttocks.

"I want you!" she panted.

"Then take me!" he replied and moaned as she took him in her hands and directed him between her thighs. He slid into her like a bather slipping into a hot tub, slowly he entered by her Jade Gate, a soft groan rumbling up from the depths of his chest. She gasped as she felt him slide in, and began to moan as his hardness continued to slide in, the shaft rubbing right over the nub of her aroused clitoris causing her to shake with ecstasy.

Her legs hugged her to him as she dug her nails into his back while he continued to thrust into her, deeper and faster as her moans and gasps goaded him to higher passion. His fingers caressed her body, kneading the soft flesh of her round breasts and buttocks. His lips suckled upon her flesh as he nuzzled at her neck, his teeth nipping at her throat playfully as she sighed and suckled upon his earlobe. One hand of hers buried in his hair, grabbing a good hold and pushing his face down to her breasts as the other held one up for him to suckle upon.

"Bite me!" she hissed as the position she had directed him to caused him to thrust at a different angle eliciting new and pleasurable sensations. He obliged her and sank his teeth gently but firmly about her nipple, apply pressure as she moaned and then began to scream with the pleasure. He pinched the other nipple while his other hand slid between her and the bed and ran his nails along her spine. She arched in response to the stimuli and cried out with the joy of it. His fingers continued to creep down until they encountered the soft roundness of her buttock and teased the cleavage of her ass.

"Oh God! Yes!" she cried as he thrust and bit and teased and pinched her beyond the edge of ecstasy. Minutes seemed to pass like hours and the moon climbed the stars to greater heights as did their passion. Sweat and sexual juices mixed and mingled upon their bodies as they writhed and twined upon the sheets until at last they lay back, spent and satiated. He took her in his arms, hugging her to him as she lay with her head upon his chest. He drew the blankets up about them as he felt her shiver and kissed her as she looked at him. Sleep stood there in her eyes as she looked at him with love. He watched her drift off into the arms of sleep and smiled down at her as she began to snore. Then a sound distracted him.

Far away it was, downstairs, something had moved in the emptiness. He slowly disengaged himself from her snuggling form and smiled momentarily as she rolled over in her sleep, hugging a pillow to her. Then he heard it again, a definite sound of movement, and he went out the door, pausing to take a sword that hung decoratively off the wall before closing it behind him He padded down the stairs, his eyes open, attuned to the darkness, his hearing straining for a repetition of the sound.

There, there it was again, a soft faint rummaging sound, like a dog in a trash heap or a cat in the waste basket, but he had neither animal resident in his home and so he moved with a quiet caution to be sure that whatever it was would not be warned off before he encountered it.

He stepped off the stairs and into the hallway, moving with a concentrated silence. He looked first left and then right. Right into the eyes of the intruder. Feral yellow eyes were wide with surprise at the sight of him. He swung before he realised that what he saw before him was a logical impossibility. Bright fangs closed upon his arm, arresting the attack, the sword jarred in his grip and he snatched it with his left hand and finished his attack. Steel arched in the night and bit into furred flesh. A howl erupted from the intruder and as the beast pulled back in pain, he took up the blade in both hands and swung again, cleaving the monster's head from its shoulders.

There was a sound of surprised clatter behind him in the hall and he turned to see another pair of lycanthropic forms standing in the moonlight that spilled into the hall from the kitchen. Upstairs he heard the sound of his lover calling to him with fear in her voice. Brandishing the sword he charged at the pair at the end of the hall and they stood, seemingly transfixed by the image of this naked and bloody man charging down upon them.

Then one of them fled while the other attacked him, with claws outstretched and fangs slavering for his throat. Steel flashed and whirled in the moonlight as the pair closed with each other. Two feet of gored blade erupted from between the werewolf's shoulder blades and ere he could ascertain the full effect of his strike he heard her scream from upstairs over the strangled grunt of his foe. He turned and before he could make a step felt hot pain flash down his back as his stabbed foe slashed his from shoulder to hip.

He staggered from the pain, and turned again facing the beast, catching hold of the jutting hilt of the sword as the monster back handed him away. Steel slipped from the creatures breast and with a flick of his wrist the tip lanced up to the lupine's chin laying it open to the bone. It howled its pain in accompaniment to the screams that rang out from upstairs. He leapt at the beast, slamming the pommel into its temple and then as it staggered back dazed, he swung, cleaving its head off as well.

Another scream from the bedroom draws him away and upstairs, pounding up the risers without hesitation. He charges the door, his hand fumbling at the latch only to rebound from its solidness. He can hear her, on the other side of the door, directly on the other side of the door as if she were pinned to it. Under her screams he can hear grunting and growling. Then it dawns on him, she's being ravished by the beast and he launches himself with renewed ferocity. And as the door pushes away from the jamb he wedges the sword between the wood of each and then he leans the other way, forcing the latch from its clasp. The door explodes open and he falls into the room and on top of them. She is now wedged between them and in a flash the beast takes her throat in its jaws and before he can stop it her head rolls away in a gout of blood and gore.

The sword leaps up and slashes down upon the bestial throat rolling another head after hers. Silence suddenly descends upon the night, and he looks about him at the carnage. Tears of anguish, pain and rage flowing down his face as he goes to her headless corpse, her life blood still pouring out in gout after of gory gout. He takes it in his arms, hugging her lifeless and bloody corpse to him. Great wracking sobs shake his body as he grieves for her stolen life.


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